Association Kamenica has, on the invitation of the Municipality of Pantelej, taken active participation in the creation of the blueprint of  „Strategy of Sustainable Development of the Municipality of Pantelej” which will be streched on the 5-year period (2015-2020). Two of our members were present on the session of the development Council, and have given multiple comments and suggestions, while on 10.12. enhanced versions of written complaints and suggestions were sent. During the council session, key complaints related to weak quantity and quality consideration with the analisys of production and raw material-market potentials of our area. The key weak point is that the Strategy is complementary exclusively to strategies of neighboring city municipalities that belong to Nis, but not to development plans of the neighboring municipality of Svrljig, with which the municipality of Pantelej shares the biggest administrative border. In the explanation of this complaint,  Dejan Mitić, president of the administrative board of our Association stated:

„Our area is unique in historical, geographical, demographical, economical and many other ways and the business is not interested in our administrative divisions. Administrative division does nothing but make our, already modest potentials smaller, and makes them less interesting to investors. This is why the emerging of our local “phenomena” is not surprising, like the one that in the municipality of Svrljig, which is literally on the other side of the hill, there is a significantly developed picking and processing activities of herbs and self-grown plants, while on our side of the hill it is almost non-existent. Also, in the villages on the other side of the hill, a project of massive land management is currently ongoing. Our project team who passed through there on other business has counted, only in the area of the village of  Plužina, 22 bulldozers and trucks spilling over village roads and dig drainage channels around geometrically correct parcels of 10ha each, while with us the average size of parcels is  500-2000m2 and no one even considers land management… Again, on our side, it is necessary to asphalt only 2 km of road, and on the Svrljig side it is about 4 km, so that our two municipalities could be connected on one more spot over the mountain, and so create an ideal space for the development of cattle breeding, forest and forest fruit exploitation and tourism development which now represents an “appendix” on both sides. We see Svrljig as close to us as the remaining 4 city municipalities. We believe that together, we can offer better conditions for market development and attraction of development investments and we are sure that the colleagues are in the mood to participate…”

Our representatives have reminded the people present that the Municipality of Pantelej has, along with 10 other municipalities, have obliged to mutual development actions in the boundaries of  „Plan of rural development of Nis area 2012.-2021.“, because of which our complaint should be accepted and adequate action should be taken.

In written form, we have introduced members of the council with our plans for development of Kamenicki Vis area, on which we will be active in the following 10 years. Plans are in relation to the development of the touristic offer from which the municipality will benefit via tourist tax.

We have also introduced members of the council with the “Plan of detailed urbanistic regulation” on the area of Kamenicki Vis, in which creation the Association is actively involved and which will soon be subjected to public discussion. .

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