Ten elementary schools who use solid fuels for heating, have received metal presses for briquetting of biomass from agricultural production and waste paper as a gift from us. Over 1300 children mastered the theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the importance of biomass and possibilities of energy extraction from biomass, and have joined the project realization. The youngest have made over 500 art and literary works on the topic of environment protection, while the older ones have gathered over 6000 kg  of waste paper, sawdust, straw and leaves, which they have later practically briquetted. In this manner, we have formed 10 “Agroenergetical centers” in which the children have taken over the role of the promoters of this new alternative energy source. With childish ease, they produce briquettes using a mixture of various materials, burning the mentioned materials to analyze its strength, burn time and share samples of briquettes in their communities. The schools will, during the time of education of the children, receive significant amounts of briquettes with which they will be able to substitute a part of coal and wood they would originally use for heating. The project was joined by a significant number of locals during the tribune, and gatherers of secondary raw materials alike. In addition, we gave them printed manuals, containing tables with energetic values of various “scrap materials”, and sketches of simple presses and pelleteers which they can make themselves out of easily accessible materials.

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