Association for Local Development Kamenica is a non-profit and non-party organization
formed in 2008. Back then, 13 enthusiasts of different life age and professions (college
students, economists, law workers, architects, tourismologists, pensioners…), have gathered
with a common goal – to start up the passive and poor area of southeastern Serbia.
We are proud of the diversity of our members. We nurture and improve it because we think
that the wishes and willingness of people to contribute in the areas of their own interest and
workmanship should not be shackled. In the beginning, this was of “vital importance” for our
association because our area is small, with an undeveloped civil society.
The diversity of our members enabled us to realize:
– projects and actions of general development importance, which use their educative,
ecological and infrastructure results to contribute to creation of a more convenient
development environment;
– support projects directed towards the employment of the hardly employable categories of
work-capable citizens;
– projects intended to children and the young.;
– projects intended to development of the non-institutional support and actions of the urgent
humanitarian help, in which we take care of the endangered and fight to save our
community’s humaitarian spirit.
During a variety of projects, we have contributed to development of the civil society,
specialized for different topics (PWD, Roma people, ecology, culture, local associations of the
older people…). Thanks to our support, in the area where we were the only organization
active, after 6 years there are 8 more active organizations.
Today (6 years after the formation), we gather 26 active members and 50-90 volunteers – former users ready for help and action.
The Association is led by the administrative committee with a president, chosen by the
Association council by voting. The president has a mandate of 4 years, and the internal
control is done by supervision committee.
All the guidance members (board members) are volunteers.
Mission /Vision /Ethics
Our mission is:
Contribution to the sustainable development of the local community using quality identification and local potentials, simultaneously improving the level of knowledge, creativity and socially responsible behavior and decision-making of the citizens.

Our vision are humanitarian and economically prosperous local communities with informed and socially responsible citizens as a key factor of stability.

Our ethics is based on:
– independent and responsible realization and decision-bringing;
– repsonsible, transpared, effective and efficive treatment of the trusted financial and
material resources from the donations;
– respecting the communities we are active in;
– respecting the engaged staff – paid personell and volunteers alike.





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