Rural communities are lacking social infrastructure. They are small and far from the cities, and that is why they are left to themselves most of the time, especially when it comes to culture.
We have developed a large cultural content that is relying on own forces and simultaneously contributing to the inter-generational cooperation. We have given the children a chance to organize cultural events for their grandparents – exhibits, folklore and theater plays. The children used this opportunity.
Everybody won. The culture has enriched both the givers and the receivers. During the project the children became aware of their potentials, while the elders were enjoying the theater plays and exhibits dedicated to them after many years.
Culture has greatly contributed to establishment of the inter-generational cooperation and social inclusion of the old.
The old have, in return, lent a room for the children and the young in their own club. They are using it for parties and folklore practices. This project-established cooperation lasts to this day.