Our first volunteer camp in 2016 has been realized in cooperation with Young Researchers of Serbia. The Camp was co-financed through the program “Mladi su Zakon” by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Serbia. Young volunteers from Serbia, Turkey, France, Italy, Montenegro, Estonia, Croatia, Belgium and Russia have, along with local volunteers, worked on the cleanup of our camp and its surroundings.

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During the camp, young volunteers have plowed through, restored and marked the forest route of 4km in length and doing so have connected our Camp with the favorite picnic site of Nis with a first-class nature landmark – “Cerje Cave”.  By this, two dead ends of asphalt roads were connected – one ending at the Camp and the other one ending at the Cave, thus connecting a circular path exactly 14km in length. Due to its circular shape, the path was named “The Ring of Kalafat” after a local summit. The opening of the path was done by the reveal of a large info table in the great presence of media. We are happy for the fact that the action had caused a storm of good reactions of the public. Already, on the next day, we have found individuals and groups who were already actively using the path.  The number of the users grows from day to day, and so do our plans for actions of similar character. The Camp would not have been successful without our partners from the municipality of Pantelej, Direction for Construction of the City of Nis and National Museum of Nis, who have provided us with logistical support. Also, we owe special gratitude to a local soccer club Čegar, who had organized a sports tournament in the honor of our guest volunteers.

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