Thanks to the support of MIS and Ministry of Youth and Sports, we have successfully realized our first volunteer camp „Kamenički vis 2015.“. Young volunteers from Serbia, Turkey, Spain, France and Russia have from 03.-16.08.2015. successfully repaired the damage caused by icy rain during last year in the park forest on the picnic site Kamenički vis and have gathered about 100m3 of branches on over  4ha of forests on the camp and the surrounding area, over 2 km of paths and access roads have been cleaned and restoration of wooden porches has been started. International youth day was celebrated in a wok atmosphere, and on that occasion Kamenički vis and the surrounding area were the biggest youth work ground in Serbia. During that day, employees of local self government of Pantelej were also volunteering, and the lookout tower and the remaining picnic inventory was successfully painted, the grass was mowed to the pleasure of our citizens. Public utility company  Medijana joined our efforts and have disposed of all trash picked up from the picnic site and the camp. Youth from the country and abroad had the opportunity to enjoy the local nature, take a swim in one of the clean rivers and of the many hot spring near the camp, engage in sports and spend time with animals thanks to our friends from ZOO Planet. Kindness of the public public enterprise  Direction for Building of the City of Nis allowed them to experience the wonders of Cerje Cave, public enterprise Sports center Cair allowed them to enjoy on their open and closed pools in the city, Museum of Nis provided them free entrance to Cele Kula, concentration camp Nis and all current sets in the city, and public utility company  Medijana proivided free transportation so the youth could get to know our cultural heritage better. The local community had a very positive reactions to international volunteers and volunteers from other parts of Serbia. Just like the local volunteers, the camp received many traditional meals made by the locals (sarma, stuffed peppers, sausages, pies, cookies..), the hunters made game goulash for our volunteers, lumberjacks prepared beans in a kettle, and in the end an entire pig was roasted. Wherever the volunteers went they were treated to drinks and food, and this contributes to the impressions of the campers stating that despite the hard work, they all managed to put on some weight. Rural youth from local communities have traded experiences and made friends across Europe.  This international camp represents a new and beautiful experience which we plan to repeat soon.