In the boundaries of partner project „SANE“  which is co-financed by EU (IPA Cross-border program Bulgaria – Serbia),  our delegation returned the visit to the partner organization Danube Euroreginal Civic Forum from Vidin in Bulgaria. During the 3 days we have visited a significant number of Bulgarian civil society organizations which are active social service givers to children and the elders.


We used the visit to sign partner contracts with the organizations „Regional Innovating Teaching Network“ represended by mrs. Galina Netova, and with „Regional Integration with Social Effect/RISE“ representet by mrs. Katya Alexieva. Partnership with „Danube Euroreginal Civic Forum“ has been established and exchange of LOI-s  with „Complex for social services Montana“ represented by the director mr.Toni Todorov.  All of the organizations were interested to realize new IPA projects with us in this year, to the satisfaction of our users .


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