In Serbian society, attitudes by which some of the system institutions have the absolute
obligation or complete responsibility for performing the specified activities or the state in
entire sectors are still present. A good part of the citizens realize that the institutions share
the problems of the society and that some of them are exposed to the negative influence
of the rest, but that’s not the case with the economy. Modern society requires inter-sector
cooperation and support to survive and achieve the desired results.

The school system of Serbia has 3.455 elementary schools that are attended by 535.199
children, and is severely endangered by the economical crisis. The number of poor schools
in need of work equipment is rising. Rural schools are exceptionally endangered, they are
in need of balls, mats, cones of all kinds, and the sports fields are long without goals and
baskets… There are schools in which gymnastics hasn’t been taught for longer than a
decade, because the teachers are in fear that the children might get injured when using the
old and worn-out equipment. If there weren’t for balls from the promotional actions and
commercial campaigns, the children would probably have to bring their own…

Association Kamenica has started a campaign – “Help equip the schools” with the voluntary help of its younger members and with the cooperation with the partners from rural schools.

In correlation with this, we made a short film “The Energy of Sports” intended to raise
awareness of the problem and it’s desperately needed solution. The film explains the importance of sport for the youngest, appeals to quicken the inclusion of the entire society and suggests models for inclusion of socially responsible companies and individuals.

We invite You to join us, any help is welcome!