Second year in a row, with the financial support of Serbian Oil Industry/NIS a.d. Novi Sad, we are realizing the projects that aim to make sports and healthy lifestyles closer to children and youth who do not have the resources or are physically distanced from the sport infrastructure in the city.
Project FAIR PLAY SCHOOL has been started for the sake of one simple and honest wish – to repel the bad news about young lives lost on rivers and lakes every summer – only because the fact that swimming schools are unavailable to endangered children and youth.
NIS company was the first to accept our idea and has supported us with financial resources, which enabled us to organize free transportation, equpment and training for our users. Later, we were joined by Sports Center Cair which provided us with a maximum discount and free training for a part of our users, and the local self-government of Pantelej, who helped in transport of the children. Thanks to them, 67 children and youth from Nis, villages of Kamenica, Brenica, Cerje, Donji and Gornji Matejevac, orphanage “Dusko Radovic”, youth with disabilities and “children of the streets” from the hospice, went through the FAIR PLAY SCHOOL. All of them have mastered the unforgettable swimming skill.
The atmosphere and the spirit of our volunteers and the project in general might best be depicted in the statement of the children’s favorite instructor – Mladja: “..It was an incredible pleasure to participate in the project, thanks to which the children, who not knowingly came to the pool in their socks, were routinely swimming and diving the last day of the training..” .
We are happy to hear the announcements of the Sports Center Cair, which plans to continue conducting our activities and offer the swimming school to children and youth in the surrounding poor local self-governments – Gadzin Han, Merosina, Doljevac and Svrljig in cooperation with their authorities.