The project formed a mobile crew who managed to get to the most distant users’ villages, who are unable to live alone due to diseases and oldness.
Together with the medical and preventive support, there also were repairmen available. They were doing minor repairs in users homes.
“With Mobility Against Immobility” found an innovative way of service-giving. Instead of group services used in the past models, the project came up with individual services intending to personalize the service and make it available for the most distant users.
Service personalization was developed as an non-institutional support option dedicated to the poorest communities that cannot finance actions of ‘wider range”. It enables an accurate help targeting to the extremely endangered group of citizens which is both sick and poor.
The project was supported by the Co-operating Netherlands foundations for Central and Eastern Europe/CNF CEE and BCIF Belgrade.
“With Mobility Against Immobility” was awarded the national award „Place In The Heart“ as the most positive citizen initiative.