“Park for All” in the short time since its opening (at the end of November 2013), has become a point of reference when it comes to sport and youth. The sports facilities of the park are accessible to all, including persons with disabilities and convalescents, which makes it unique in Serbia. According to the testimonies themselves neighbors, use it even a group of young people who previously broke the bench, pulled trees, overturned and burned containers at the settlement.

Due to the recent escalation of bullying, which resulted in the loss of a young life, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Nenad Borovcanin visited Niš 18.02.2014. and used of the “Park for All” in order to promote it announced the development of a strategy of youth care.
On that occasion he stated:
“If every town and village in Serbia has any such open gym then it will be a sport and recreation accessible to children and will not prevent the high fees and other barriers to participation in sports. Availability sport is something that should be based on each local or national strategy in order to have tomorrow, physically and mentally healthy nation that will be made up of individuals who will be able to succeed through work ”

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