In the Serbian society, attitudes by which certain institutions of the system have an absolute obligation or complete responsibility for the performance of certain activities or the situation in the entire sector are still present. A good part of the citizens but also the economy does not realize that the institutions share the problems of society and that some of them vulnerable to adverse effects than others. Modern society is necessary inter-sectoral cooperation and support in order to survive and achieve the desired results.
The school system in Serbia has 3,455 primary schools attended by 535,199 children and is extremely threatened by the economic crisis. More and more poor schools that lack equipment to work. They are especially vulnerable rural schools lacking balls, mats, all kinds of clubs and sports facilities have long since lost the points and goals … There are schools where gymnastics has not been done for more than a decade because teachers fear that children do not suffer injuries on the old and veteran mat. If not for balls from promotional activities and advertising campaigns, children would probably have to bring them from home …
Kamenica Association is a volunteer with the help of their young members and in cooperation with partners from rural primary schools, launched a campaign “Help equipping schools”.
In this regard we have made short film “Energy of Sport” designed to grow awareness of the problem and the urgent necessities for its resolution. The film explains the importance of sport for the youngest, appeals to a quick and immediate involvement of the whole society and proposes models for the inclusion of socially responsible companies and individuals.
We invite you to join us, any help is welcome!