During the “Golden Age” project, a female self-help group was formed.
After the standard education of the group of women from the village, we made a strategic cooperation between the group and Center for disease prevention of community health center, Niš.
Soon, with our support, the first in the series of actions was realized – education and training in breast self-examination.
Thanks to this group’s work, over 300 village women acquired theoretical knowledge of breast cancer and learned the self-examination technique.
The cooperation continued with realization of the stand-alone actions in the boundaries of the achieved partnership. Thanks to this group, every women had the possibility to undergo 4 additional examinations in the Community health center Niš, including the cervix examination. According to the mutual record of the group and the Center, on that occasion 960 additional examinations were done.
This group of inventive women took over the 8th of March celebration organization for the poor women, made it a traditional manifestation and improved it in every way. The group is also very active in organizing affordable touristic trips in the country (from spas to visiting large exhibits and manifestations)