A large percent of village children (particularly Roma children), does not continue their education after finishing grade school. These children walk out of school with no practical knowledge to help them in later life. It’s about the children who live in the village and have the land, and are hardly going to find a good job and live normally without further education.
We built the seedplots in the yard of the school „Stevan Sinđelić“ and filled it with seedlings donated by partners  from ProCredit bank and public enterprise Mediana – Seedplot with whom the strategic cooperation for the further children education was established. During the project, the children have gained theoretical knowledge and then successfully planted and multiplied the provided seedlings. The multiplied seedlings were first taken out of the seedplots, then an action of enriching the public surfaces with own materials was organized.
The school got an unique cabinet for “practical biology”… the children are acquiring practical knowledge about flower, decorative plants planting and nurturing… a basic production of the seedlings, which often results in “hyperproduction” (especially the seed ones), was started, and the entire community benefits of this..
The project has created a system that is appropriate for all the participants and started many partnerships which last to this day. Thanks to that, a sixst generation of children is passing through the Ecological workshop in 2013/2014. Each generation has realized one action of public surface enrichment with own seedlings.
The project was supported by BCIF/Balkan Fund for Local Initiatives Belgrade, ProCredit bank, MD Constructions, public company Mediana-Seedplots and numerous volunteers and parents from the organization.