In the range of the project  an education for the agriculturists was organized, and then the free planting material (bobbins of “cabernet sauvignon”) and expert support to the families who decided to restore their vineyards took place.
Once famous “Matejevac vineyards” took up large surfaces on south and southeast Svrljig mountains and the hill of “Vinik” above Niš. By the number of sunny days, this area is in third place in Serbia (after Peć and Prizren) and far above European average. The people of this area were famous vine and brandy makers, had their own wine basements and their own taverns in Niš and Belgrade in 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.
Unfortunately, after WWII, a tradition of family wineries was interrupted and the vine industry “PIK NIŠ”  was formed in Matejevac. During the transition period,  “PIK NIŠ”, who used to buy and refine all the grape supplies,  went under. The tradition of family wineries was not restored after , and many large vineyards started to vanish.
The project represents  an attempt to renew the tradition and affirmation of the economical activity in the area of family vine production. During the realization it caused a particular attention of the people who lost their workplaces and have houses and land on the village.
Project was supported by the Administration for the Development of Villages of Niš.

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