Completely devastated, small wold „Dabilo“ is halfway between Nis and „Kamenički Vis“ – favorite picnic site of people from Nis, on about 600 m of altitude.In the middle of the wold there’s a ruined public faucet with shallow, mountain water. Projects „Dabilo I“ and „Dabilo II“, supported by BCIF (Balkan Fund for Local Initiatives) and the city municipality of Pantelej, was joined by many citizens and private companies. Thanks to them, once a devastated, dump covered surface is today a modern picnic site, attracting many visitors. The water is no longer uselessly running from the faucet. There is a new project which involves the construction of the primary water supply network for the 40 nearby households with water problems and summer water restrictions.
Further picnic site maintenance was taken over by the municipality, which organizes the garbage disposal during the picnic season.

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